Cannabis marketing crafted for now.

We’ve contributed to Harborside’s marketing on a variety of projects that reflect the evolution of the industry. With speed and efficiencies, we’ve helped bring the brand standards to the next level of professionalism, collaborating with smart people to create the look and voice of a leader.

Branding • Digital • Photography • Collateral

New Product Launch

To build success for a new line of concentrates, we created new packaging. As the elegant design came together, we were tasked with extending the look to a stand-alone microsite integrated with Harborside’s digital ecosystem. Examples of other Harborside projects below.

In-store Info Cards

Education of Cannabis customers is essential for dispensaries. We took on the challenge, creating a series of 12 information-rich cards. Our efforts included: design, photography, infographic creation, charts, iconography and copywriting.

Edible Packaging

Pre-roll Packaging